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NicheBox™ makes niching easier.  Can be combined to suit any desgin for your niche. 

It's uniquely desigined to fit perfectly between 16" stucs and 1/2" flange flushes with shower board, 

Pre-sloped, waterproof and easy to install and tile. 


NicheBox™ allows you to combine & design endless layouts using the below available sizes 


Available Sizes - 16"x8", 16"x16", 16"x14", 16"x20" Double, 16"x20", 50"x14"





NicheBox™ 48" x 14" (42" x 12")

SKU: NB-1614 - 3pcs

1/2" Flange Flushes w/Shower Board

Fits Between 16" Studs

Easy to Install & Tile

All Sides Pre-Sloped


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