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Equator Marble is a favourite for anyone looking for a linear, clean, white-grey tile. A very modern-looking tile that does best with clean, glossy cabinets and plain, neutral tones. Definitely a centre piece if done in a large area.


Avaiable Formats - 3" Hexagon & Herringbone


Use - Backsplash, Kitchen Floor, Kitchen Wall, Bathroom Floor, Bathroom Wall, Shower Wall, Shower Floor, Outdoor Wall, Commercial Floor, Accent Walls, Fireplace Feature


Please Note: Due to the organic composition of marble, no two pieces are exactly alike. Variations in colour, pattern, texture, and veining will occur.

Herringbone 2"x8" Equator Marble Mosaic

SKU: 286022

Chip Size - 2"x8"

Sheet Coverage - 0.90 sqft

Thickness - 10mm

Application - Floor/Wall

Use - Residential/Commercial

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